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Post  LD300 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:31 pm

Light&darkness300 here, posting the RULES

The Rules:
1) No spamming. This would include pointless posts, posts unrelated to the thread or loads of useless posts.
2) No Flaming. Be nice, and we can all get along.
3) Dont be a twit.
4) No excessive use of 1337 or txt sp34k.
5) No links to Torrents/ Warez.
6) No excessive advertising. Links in Sigs are ok. Anything else, pm me about it.
7) Any Animations you post HAVE to be yours.
8) Give CC. Dont just say something sucks.
9) Try to stay active.
10) Have fun. Enjoy the forum.

And I'll edit your post as so
This way

Light And Darkness
Light And Darkness

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