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My ani's

Post  Eric on Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:17 am

[size=150]NEW ANIMATION[/size]

FPS raped too badly, heres the piv. play it at 14 fps for piv 3

and at [attachment=0]fpsexample.gif[/attachment] for piv 2

[size=150]Paperplane collab is done[/size]

my entry

[size=150]Infiltration Part 1 is UP!!!![/size]
Infiltration .piv
Infiltration on youtube

it looks alot better if you view it with the .piv file

infiltration is really old but its my longest and best one, these days i dont have the time or ideas to make long animations

sword collab
paperplane collab

im a little rusty so im just starting with the basics

Sorry for the piv file but the gif MAD raped the FPS
Pistol test


CC would be appreciated. Very Happy

lol Very Happy

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